Articles for the Month of September 2014

No Longer in Sheep’s Garb

-WolfA brief look at several timelines published by various websites touch on the accomplishments of the Women’s Movement in Western culture since about 1848. (1)  Most of the milestones highlight issues such as women’s suffrage, equal pay for equal work, female political appointments, and the other legal battles for gender and racial equality.  No one would argue that these were important accomplishments which have contributed to the development of a more just and equitable society in our country.

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The He-Man Woman

8e219f5e0d293ccb6b52d377f7bc1ca3[1]Welcome to ‘A Simple Femininity’! 

This blog was born out the heart cry of women who are grappling with the complexities that face our culture and asking themselves difficult questions.  There are various issues that might be considered – balancing career, family and marriage; understanding church, social and political roles; optimizing spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health; securing financial freedom, and many more. However, one concern seems to be ubiquitous among most women – that of marriage and family.  It has been documented that many modern women who have over the course of years longed for family and children are approaching an age when childbearing will no longer be possible. Though apparently successful in their chosen careers they find themselves alone.

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