Articles for the Month of June 2015

Women’s Ordination – Our New Forbidden Fruit

imagesIN0LKUPIWhen Eve sinned, a seismic shift occurred in her soul though she was yet unaware. The quiet departure of the Holy Spirt from her heart devastated her conscience, but the emptiness was not felt as yet. She hastened to Adam luring him to partake of the forbidden fruit. He followed her. A  fundamental transformation then occurred in the human family. The genetics of men and women were forever altered after Adam sinned. The robe of light was lost and they knew that they were naked – devoid of the Spirit of God. The only legacy they could now leave to their prodigy would be that nakedness. Eve could now only bequeath to her daughters a legacy of succumbing to the same temptations that caused her own fall. Thereafter the tendency for women to yield to the longing for independence to forge new paths would cause her daughters to wander from God’s roles for them. Women would tend to be seduced into spiritualism and occultism as an attempt to become like god. Women would be disposed towards sensuality to entice men to submit to their desires.

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Going My Own Way

6274188038_355e16ac9f_mThere is a growing movement among American men to flee any lasting connection with women.  Casual sexual contact is encouraged, but only carefully and as needed.  These men have decided to completely disengage themselves from all formal, legal, long term relationships with women.  They call themselves MGTOWs – Men Going Their Own Way.  They have been so badly burned by Western feminism that they have banded together to try to warn naïve, younger males from ever marrying.

MGTOWs maintain careers and fundraise to create safe places which bar aggressive intrusion of women into their conversations.  MGTOWs continue to earn money, work, pursue careers and enjoy hobbies but only for themselves.  Some have been forced by divorce courts to pay alimony but are barred from ever seeing their own children. They warn younger men to fear trying to create families. “Women will only use you for financial support and you will never have the chance to be a father to your child’.  They declare that long-term connection with westernized women is too dangerous – both financially and emotionally.   Perhaps a few are sad that this is the case, but they will not take the chance to be bankrupted financially or emotionally ravaged again.  Western women just cannot be trusted.
Here’s the mission statement from the MGTOW website (1)

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