Articles By Teresa Sherard

Someone’s Missing

missing fatherMale leadership is our great need.  The lack of men in the home or church cannot be replaced by  women though they may be quite sincere.  The loss of mature masculinity in our midst is beyond comprehension.

Leadership is far more than the ability to perform tasks.  The essence of masculinity and femininity are such polar opposites that when a man performs the same task as a woman the effect on those under their leadership is vastly different.  It is that interaction between the genders that we have been taught to ignore in our culture.  This fusion of genders is really an untenable miasma.

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All Aboard!

6132257_20140121063039-train coveded with peopleA Worldwide Movement

One day I was stumbling around on the Internet looking for women who would explain the reasons for their desire to be ordained. Inadvertently I found a YouTube of Buddhist women who are bhikkhunī (Pāli) or bhikṣuṇī (Sanskrit) which means they are fully ordained female Buddhist monastics. (1)  Completely shaven headed and in the traditional orange robes of Buddhism they spoke eloquently with broken English in voice inflections native to Far Eastern cultures.  Gently yet earnestly they advocated for their right to a place in Buddhist leadership and for even higher places in the hierarchy of their religion.

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Eternal Mystery – What was the purpose of gender?

imagesAYF0WYGYMysteries hidden from eternal ages have been made manifest to God’s people by Scripture’s use of magnificent types, stories, and parables. Through the “manifold wisdom of God” prophecy, poetry and history have been enriched with deeper hues and more intricate texture by the symbolic motifs woven into the fabric of common language. Deep spiritual lessons may be taught that reach the heart, not just the mind. Truths made mysterious to us by our fallen natures may suddenly open to our understanding when an intriguing figure is presented.

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Home Alone

home-alone “Those who feel called out to join the movement in favor of woman’s rights and the so-called dress reform might as well sever all connection with the third angel’s message”.  This statement taken from Testimonies for the Church, volume 1, page 421 may be criticized by some as being extreme and shortsighted.  To say that one must sever all connection with the people of God if joined to the movement for women’s rights seems to ignore the important accomplishments of that movement.  Because of feminism women now have the right to vote, to own property, to obtain an education to be able to support themselves.  Isn’t that worth something?

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Feminism Rooted in Spiritualism?

seanceMany might be surprised to learn that the feminist movement actually has deep roots in Spiritualism. A fascinating book has been written recently with a telling title, “Radical Spirits – Spiritualism and Women’s Rights in Nineteenth-Century America” by Ann Braude.  Quoting extensively from her book will give us a window into the America that gave birth to the feminist movement.

“The only religious sect in the world …that has recognized the equality of woman is the Spiritualists, claimed the History of Woman Suffrage, edited by…Susan B. Anthony.  Written in the 1880’s….it described a religious group whose beliefs and practices committed it to fostering female leadership. ‘They have always assumed that woman may be a medium of communication from heaven to earth,’ the History observed, ‘that the spirits of the universe may breathe through her lips.’”pp2-3

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